Macaroni Mom Park/ Playground Review: Farmington's New Ninja Park

New Ninja Style Equipment Makes Farmingon Park Even Better!

By Carrie Thompson, Macaroni Kid Guest Writer & Local Mom December 28, 2019

It’s winter folks, and it’s cold.  Cold means our little darlings are stuck inside and over time develop the temperament of a honey badger. Do not fear though, because I have a solution for you. It is three simple words, Farmington Ninja Park. It is better known as Creekside Park,  but my version is so much cooler. 

Creekside Park is located in Farmington, AR between N. Hunter St. and Broyles Street.  It's an approximately 15-20 minute drive from Fayetteville and well worth the drive. The park can be accessed from N. Hunter St. on the west side or Broyles Street on the east side. There is sufficient parking on each side that allows for easy entrance into the park. The Broyles Street entrance will bring you closer to the Ninja Park and new playground structure, while the N. Hunter St. entrance will bring you closer to the older playground area and creek. (As a side note, the awesome Briar Rose Bakery is just around the corner from the park so it's a great place to grab lunch or a snack to take to the park!)

The park is large and well maintained. It offers a walking trail, two playground areas (one at each entrance), plenty of bench seating, the amazing ninja park, brand new large basketball courts, restrooms (near each playground), two pavilions (that can be rented), and so much more.  The playground found on the N. Hunter St. side is well suited for children of all ages, however; the playground found off of Broyles Street seems better suited for older children (simply because of height and climbing structures). 

My children loved trying out all the obstacles at the ninja park. There were plenty of different obstacles to keep them occupied and sufficient room between each obstacle. My personal favorite about the park was that each obstacle had a sign posted beside it, that gave you instructions on how to complete the obstacle. If you are athletically challenged (like myself), those signs can be a lifesaver and keep you from some potentially embarrassing situations. 

We took advantage of a beautiful Arkansas day and visited mid-afternoon. It Was relatively quiet, but we felt completely safe and enjoyed our time there. We greeted a few people walking their awfully cute furry friends and as we were leaving other kids were starting to arrive. Honestly, this park is the perfect place to grab a cup of coffee and sit in the sunshine while your children run off all that pent up energy. It would be the perfect place for play dates, exercise groups, birthday parties, and even more.

Don’t just take my word for it, load up your family for some free fun in the great outdoors and head to Creekside Park.

Pavilion Information:

The small pavilion (accessed from N. Hunter St.) at Creekside Park is available to rent for $25 for up to 4 hours and $50 for over 4 hours.

The large pavilion (accessed from Broyles Street) at Creekside Park is available to rent for $50 for up to 4 hours or $100 for over 4 hours.

It is a non-refundable fee.  Rental can be secured by calling Farmington City Hall at 479-267-3865

Carrie Thompson is a local mom of 3 active children. She is a long-time friend of Macaroni Kid Fayetteville and enjoys discovering new adventures in NW Arkansas with her family.