T-Shirt Quilts from Project Repat Make a Great Gift for Graduates

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April 16, 2021

Do you have piles of T-shirts that represent special events or memories in your life that you can't bear to part with? Perhaps you're looking for a meaningful gift to commemorate the high school or college years of a special graduate, or a unique birthday or holiday gift for someone special? Project Repat takes your T-shirt memories and creates high quality, affordable quilts that provide a lifetime usable keepsake.

Project Repat has made more than 500,000 t-shirt quilts for very happy customers around the country. Their t-shirt quilts are made in the USA and start at just $53 with this special CertifiKID offer. You won’t find a higher quality, more affordable t-shirt quilt!

Project Repat takes a perfect square from each of your shirts, using the BEST parts of the shirts, and sews them together on the front of the T-shirt quilt. They can use T-shirts, dry fit shirts, jerseys, sweatshirts, polos, flannel, button downs, and basically anything that's soft and has enough fabric to use. Each yard recycles 23 plastic bottles that would otherwise end up in landfills!

A purchase you can feel good about! Repatriate means to return to the country of origin. Thousands of textile jobs have gone overseas and Project Repat is helping to bring them back to the United States. Your blanket is carefully crafted by designers, cutters, and sewers earning a fair and living wage in the United States.

The Deals:
Lap Blanket (16 sides of shirt): 4' x 4' blanket with 12 x 12 panels- 30% off- $53
Twin Blanket (24 sides of shirt): 4’ x 6' blanket with 12 x 12 panels- 30% off- $78
Full Blanket (30 sides of shirt): 5’ x 6’ blanket with 12 x 12 panels- 30% off- $92
Please refer to the Information & Restrictions for the deal before purchase.

T-Shirt Quilts by Project Repat 

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* They only need the designated number of sides of shirts (front or back), not full t-shirts. For example, a 5' x 6' blanket can be made with 15 full t-shirts using the fronts and backs, or 30 shirts just using one side, or any combination in between.