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Upskill NWA Helps Connect and Empower You to Train in the Healthcare Field

By Kara Ault, Macaroni Kid Fayetteville and Rogers-Bentonville Publisher June 20, 2023

Have you ever thought you'd like to go into the medical field, but you don't think you can currently afford to take the classes and training you'll need? Are you interested in becoming a Registered Nurse, an LPN, or an EMT, but not sure where to start? Upskill NWA is here to help! They take care of tuition, books and fees for those who qualify, so you can focus on getting a better job in the healthcare field!

Based on a model called QUEST in San Antonio, Upskill NWA has been founded to address the shortage of healthcare workers while empowering and enabling participants who may not have the means to pay for education but want to go to school for a medical career.

Upskill NWA is connecting Northwest Arkansas to career opportunities:

Upskill NWA comes to work every day with the mission to connect you to your dream career. Currently, we connect participants to career opportunities in the healthcare field and take care of things like tuition, books, fees, licensing exam costs, and other historical barriers. Upskill NWA participants are partnered with a Career Navigator who is with you every step of the way to ensure your success.

Last year, the first class of Upskill NWA graduates brought their average household incomes up from ~$18K/year to ~$52K/year!

Learn more about Upskill NWA, including; degrees and certifications available to pursue, eligibility requirements, how to apply, and more at