Wilson Park in Fayetteville: Playground, Castle, Pool and More

With help from nwarkansasmamas

By Kara Ault, Macaroni Kid Fayetteville Publisher August 4, 2023

Wilson Park is located in the heart of Fayetteville, not far from College and North Streets, at 675 N. Park Avenue. It is a large park with a variety of amenities, with something for everyone. Fun history fact: Wilson Park is Fayetteville's first and oldest park (1906), previously known as "City Park!"

It includes a newly updated playground, swings, walking trails, pavilion/picnic areas, swimming pool (seasonal), rocky stream/bridges, a unique stone castle and pond with fish, restrooms, softball field, basketball/softball/volleyball/tennis courts. If you have not been to Wilson Park lately, you should check it out! Parking is available directly near the playground, making it an easy location to bring young children, or meet up with friends.

Wilson Park has several features that make it a fun destination for children of all ages. It has two separate playground structures: one taller, for older children with more advanced skills, and one shorter structure for the preschool/younger children age group. I like the woodland theme; tree house design, rocks for climbing, rope ladders, log tunnels, etc. that you wouldn't find at every other park. There are several regular swings and 3 baby bucket swings. There is an area for musical play as well. This park sits in an area with many large, developed trees providing some good shade coverage. Picnic tables and benches abound for a chance to sit, relax, eat or watch your children play. 

We love this video of Wilson Park from Instagram Mama #nwarkansasmamas

Info regarding pavilion rental: or call 479-444-3471. The pavilion seats 30.