Creating Magical Moments- Tween Girls Summer Retreat

503 Fairway CircleSpringdale, AR 72764
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Do you have a daughter in the age range of 9-13 years old? These years can be stressful as girls are focused on fitting in and figuring out who they are. Help set your daughter up for success! 

Send her to our Tween Girl Summer Retreat in June and July 2023.

We will make vision journals, play games, build friendships and have social experiences to help girls get a solid grasp of:

A. Who they are

B. What they want

C. How to go after it

Give your daughter a break and send her to hang out and connect with her peers. This retreat focuses on “What do you want?” and How to get it?” Retreats help teens reduce stress and cope with school, life, and social demands in self-empowering ways.

Directed by Robin Slaton, Certified Life Coach and owner/CEO of Kiddie Campus Childcare Center