Pet-Themed Literacy Camps: Word W.O.R.M.S with Virtual Milestone Academy

6815 Isaac's Orchard Rd DSpringdale, AR 72762
Phone: 337-303-4863Website: Visit Website Google Map

Led by Megan Cawlfield, a Pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist and Certified Structured Literacy Dyslexia Interventionist  

For pre readers and beginning readers!

Fridays in June & July 8:30-12:30

Limited Enrollment! Visit to see more information and to reserve your kiddo's spot!

6/2- "Kittens"- Word Awareness

6/9 - "Puppies" Phoneme Awareness

6/16 - "Ducklings" Blending Skills

6/23 - "Tadpoles" Segmenting Skills

7/7 - "Lambs" Rhyming Skills

7/14 - "Bunnies" Word Play Skills

7/21 - "Kids" Decoding Skills

7/28 - "Wormlets" Reading Skills