Driving Tour-Northwest Arkansas Best Decorated Halloween Homes

From Family-Friendly to a Little Spooky, Use this Guide and Map to Find Our Favorites

By Kara Ault, Macaroni Kid Fayetteville and Rogers-Bentonville Publisher October 16, 2020

This year thanks to Covid-19, things look different for Halloween and most of the annual Halloween NWA events are not happening. But no worries- You can still take the kids out to drive around and look at some amazing and fun decorated Halloween homes and yards. Some homeowners have done more decorating than ever! I asked our Facebook fans what their favorite decorated homes and neighborhoods were and put them together in this guide so all can enjoy!

You can use this Google map to see all the locations. If not the exact address, it will be very close, and you may find more along the way.

The Skeleton House is one of the largest Yard Haunts in NWA and operates for donations to local nonprofit NWA Bully Haven Rescue. 20 Sandridge Dr. Bella Vista. This one has become pretty popular and is in a neighborhood so the owners ask that you please remain in your car and tune your radio to 95.9 FM.

Butterfield Meadows in Fayetteville (off Old Missouri Rd)

6305 S 36th st, Rogers-

The Halloween House on Lone Jack Drive- Fayetteville.  475 N Lone Jack Drive. This is a new neighborhood so the street will come up in GPS but the address may not. It is off of Persimmon St. Roll down the windows to hear the music! Here's a glimpse of this one on video. The owner says the best time to come is a Friday or Saturday night because that's when everything is turned on, including 3 projectors, a Tombstone TV, a haunted crypt with low lying fog, a jumping spider, plenty of tombstones surrounded by a huge Reaper and pumpkin scarecrow. Lights normally come on when it gets dark and stays on until about 9 pm. 

3408 Martha Avenue in Springdale- still adding more Halloween decor!

Bentonville Heart Lites at 3505 NW Edgewood Ave in Bentonville is always amazing at Christmas and this year they have added a Halloween setup, playing everything from the Razorback fight song to a Star Wars song. Check out a video glimpse of it here. Donations can be made to Rampy MS Research, a local organization that Bentonville Heart Lites supports, here.

5292 W Wedington Drive has a lot of Halloween inflatables and there is another home about a mile east of it with a big Halloween set up as well.

31 Wentworth Drive in Bella Vista- The owner is an artist and does this freehand, using Duck Tape!

3904 W. Locust St in Rogers

607 NE 2nd Street Bentonville ( on Halloween they will have safe social distancing trick or treating)

751 Blazing Star Dr, Fayetteville- "Halloween Town"

1852 E Briarcliff St, Fayetteville

4414 StoneCrest Circle- will be offering social distance style trick or treating

  • Briarmeadow Rd in Farmington
  • Red Oak St in Elkins
  • Chip Shot Rd off Richardson Rd (170) in Prairie Grove- whole yard is a "cemetery" and much more to see.
  • 4563 Pebble Ave in Springdale. They have a cemetery, spiders, and a 12 foot Stay Puft marshmallow man. Halloween night, we will have several animatronics outside as well. 
  • S. Pianalto in Tontitown
  • 3203 Backus in Springdale 
  • 99 San Jose Dr in Springdale
  • 508 Meadowbrook Cr in Siloam Springs
  • 2503 Ravenswood Drive, Fayetteville
  • 847 N Seminole Road, Fayetteville (will have more animatronics on Halloween if weather allows)
  • 3675 E Lexus Ave, Fayetteville
  • 305 NW Tall Oaks Dr. Bentonville
  • NW Edgewood Ave, Bentonville
  • Home off Pleasant View Lane right near Battlefield (201 Pleasant View Lane) Bentonville
  • Battlefield Rd, Bentonville- no exact address given but it is a walk-thru display
  • Hermanus St, Bentonville
  • 503 McNair St, Pea Ridge
  • SW Windy Way, Bentonville
  • 699 Olivia in Centerton
  • Maple Street in Centerton (multiple homes)
  • 960 Walker St in Centerton (Spooky- this one is for older kids/adults as it is more gory & scary)
  • Sherman Halloween Havoc- 201 Pleasant View Lane in Bentonville
  • Skinner St in Centerton has several including 160 Skinner St
  • Corner of 3rd St and Cedar St in Rogers

I will continue to add to this list as I find out about them. Know of one I've missed? Email me at and let me know!